Billy is my boss. He is the editor in chief of our corporate newspaper. His wife’s name is Margareth and she also works in our enterprise. She is psychologist. She drinks a lot and I like her. I heard that she married Billy because at the time Billy was important and she wanted to make a career. Now she has everything and she is walking around in a purple coat and red shoes. She should be younger than Billy, but she is not, I looked in her personal file once with my friend from HR. I like her because she clearly is not a woman. She is a witch.

Billy recruited me when I was intern in our company. I was photography assistant, needless to say I don’t know a thing about photography. I don’t have a facebook page, I don’t flickr, I don’t tweet (well, now I do). I never take pictures and I detest diaries. I hate to look back.  All I care is to meet strangers – every day. I am a novelty whore. Strangers are mysterious and unveiled, they bubble on the surface and fly high like magic katamarans. Then they suddenly go out and I am alone again.



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