# 20 LA KUKI

I am doing this. I am going to La Kuki to find Reiner. Just to say a good bye to him. He said it to me, so why would not I be allowed to say one to him?

It is not far from my job, so I walk after work. It is a two storey building, in the first floor there is a bar, in the second floor the restaurant.

I am looking for Reiner, I say to the guy at the bar. For whom? For the cook, Reiner.

We don’t have a cook with such name. Are you sure? Small, with short blond hair. He shrugs his shoulders. No. We just have two Italian cooks, this is it.

Could Reiner be Italian? Anything, but not Italian.

Would you like to eat something? The barman asks. You know that we are a vegetarian restaurant.

I could never be a vegetarian because dreams eat human flesh.


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