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The Beer Belly guy took Amanda to the Thron Legacy 3D and they both liked it. So the next date is walking along the river in two weeks (TBB goes to some business trip). I always admired people who have so much patience when exploring the other human being. How can you wait one month before having the first kiss? Or two weeks before looking in the eyes of somebody you are agonising to know better? It is not only about sex. I want to research. I want to run through the minefield. I want to smother the Olympic fire. I want to reach the end of the desert. That is why I am so bored, because I am too impatient.

At that moment an sms from Andre arrives. He suggests theatre on Saturday. Cool! I always wanted to have someone with whom I can go to the theatre, to Opera, to dinner parties and royal receptions. This is the world where I should belong.

Are you seeing someone? Amanda asks.

Yes, I am. I say. Actually I am in love.

Why did I say that?



Amanda is meeting the (quasi?) married guy. He does not seem so perfect anymore, he has a beer belly. She speaks about it all the time, even though she has not even seen him. Is the beer belly really so big? Could he maybe go to the gym and get rid of it? She thinks, he could. She quickly starts to plan their common future  – if he would be with her, they would go roller skating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to kill the daemonic belly.

Reiner has not called. I don’t know what I was expecting when he said “I will call you” and I smiled. But he has left me his e-mail and I will write him an e-mail.



Amanda is my best friend here and she is from my country (I am Eastern European). I knew her before moving here, but then we were not friends. Living in a foreign country makes you close with unforeseen type of people.

Like Lars she likes to talk about her private life and people. She loves people. She is a bit shy and very smart. I think she is too smart. She is looking for Mr Right in internet and it is a constant topic for our discussions.

We go out and discuss somebody she met in the net recently. She thinks he is married.

What do you think? She asks. About what? That he is married. What makes you think so? I don’t know, she says. He sounds too good to be true. You also sound too good to be true.