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# 27 ANDRE

The man’s name is Andre and he is manager in a bank. He also likes arts and writing and also some esoteric stuff. He has glasses and is small, but I am small too. He is cynical manager, the one who says that all management in his bank is crap and who does not believe that everyone will get rewarded for what he is doing like Billy. (I feel revenged) He goes to Laos or Thailand or Cuba. He is a gadget freak.

What is you favourite German word? He asks.
Die Möhre (small carrots).
And yours?
My favorite word is doch, he says.
Why doch?
I like how you can use it – doch, doch.
We laugh.
And French?
Giboulée (sleet)
And English?
That I can not answer right now, I have to think. At the same time the party is over and we go outside, on the street. He asks if I fancy a lift and I agree. We slide through the dark pre-spring city in his blue Audi and speak about neuro linguistic programming. It is predetermined that we will have a date, so we exchange our business cards.