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Amanda has met the beer belly guy. She wanted to meet him two days ago, but then he was suddenly busy (another argument he could be married). So now it finally happened.

No, he is not married – at least he says so. His beer belly is not so bad also after all. And he said that he is working out. Yet the problem now is the age – she thinks he is too old for her.

How old is he? I ask. I don’t know, she says. I did not ask. Then why do you think he is too old? We look at the pictures together. He looks ok, yet there is something from Hans B. in him. Maybe it is the beard. Or the glasses. Definitely not the beer belly though.

So what is the plan? The plan is to go to the movies next week. That sounds cool, I say. Yes, that is cool, Amanda replies.




Amanda is meeting the (quasi?) married guy. He does not seem so perfect anymore, he has a beer belly. She speaks about it all the time, even though she has not even seen him. Is the beer belly really so big? Could he maybe go to the gym and get rid of it? She thinks, he could. She quickly starts to plan their common future  – if he would be with her, they would go roller skating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to kill the daemonic belly.

Reiner has not called. I don’t know what I was expecting when he said “I will call you” and I smiled. But he has left me his e-mail and I will write him an e-mail.