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I started to tell about Billy. Billy lives in a house in the little village 30 km from our city. I think that he inherited it from his parents as he never shows any signs of Someone Who Is Paying Mortgage. He travels around a lot (mostly to exotic places), he goes out a lot and he wears expensive suits. He does that all without taste. He does not have taste. I wonder how a person without taste can write, but that is certainly possible. He does not write himself anymore much, just the editorial and that is almost always the same.

Billy and Margareth do not have any kids. They married rather old, when they were about 45. Now they are about 55.

Billy is a very good boss. He is rather naive, I often noticed that foreigners are very naive. I always thought that at certain age everybody should already be cynical and alert, say around 34 you are getting a certificate of what life and people could be, but it is not so. He (honestly) thinks that everyone will get rewarded for what he is doing and that our company’s guidelines are very interesting for employees. I wonder sometimes what Margareth thinks, but she is so safe under her psychologist’s cloud that she is almost invisible.