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Amanda says that I have such a desire for Reiner because I can not get him. You saw him only once and he disappeared. He is filled with absence and absence is the only perfect thing in the world. (She studied philosophy, this is where it comes from.)

If you would have a possibility to meet him again, when you want, you would be already bored with him. What would you two speak about? Are you interested in cooking?

I start a vague argument, that in general I am very interested in cooking, one day I will do seated dinners that the whole country will be jealous about, but it does not sound very convincing. I remember that he mentioned he had a girlfriend, but I did not pay any attention to that fact. How anyone could be restricted if he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend? I don’t understand that. When I was fifteen and I was walking one winter night home through the cemetery I promised to myself that I will never ever be faithful to anyone.