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The excitement of the Barcelona trip is gone. Now I regret that I have wasted my time with Hans B. rather than going to Ramblas and watching fire-eaters. However, what difference would it made if I would have gone to see the fire-eaters instead of the restaurant with Hans B.? I don’t take pictures, I don’t collect memories, I don’t document my bowel movements. The moment is gone, you can’t preserve it, so it does not matter what was it then.

The interview with Dirk turns out impersonal, Billy takes out all the fun stuff and also the part about moving into a new office looks so cliche, like Atom nr. 87456 moving from point A to point B. Even though Billy did not edit that part, I still think it is his fault. I don’t think anymore that he is naive, it was me who was naive about him, he is slick and sly like a wet cat. And shallow. (But shallow people can be nice too.)

He buys a vase for 500 euros, of an unknown brand.  I never understood why people do it, if you buy such an expensive thing then buy Armani and put a label in front of it. To me the vase looks like from IKEA. He wants to consult with me as he thinks (and he is right) that I have a better taste. In masochistic revenge I buy myself three bags of healthy food: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beetroots, avocado, limes, kakis, sharon (small kakis), carrots and cauliflowers. Let it all rot now in my fridge.