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To distract myself from thoughts about Reiner I go to the expat event that takes place once per month. So it is entirely my fault that I expose myself to all type of small talk people.

The stranger looks harmless in the beginning as we start to speak about completely general and even an interesting topic – the theatres in our city. Not without a certain mediocrity and I can sense in him already some boringness, yet the topic is going down swimmingly. Then I say him that I am going out to have a cigarette. (Smoking is prohibited inside.) He immediately turns very serious and tells me, how bad is smoking for my health. I smile and joke and say usual nonsense that I know it and that I don’t smoke so much. And that I will quit soon blablabla. After that every normal person would close the topic, yet for him this only adds the oil to the fire. He gets even more serious and tells that it does not matter how much cigarettes you smoke, this is the fact itself.

Did you ever smoke?

This is my winning argument to all non-smokers. Every normal person would back-up now. How can you tell the nuances of cliff climbing to a person who has never hung head down from Kilimanjaro?

No, he says. But I have read. This is it. This sentence I have heard so many times before, now I just don’t have any power to say him what I think about people who use it. I catch myself on the thought that I am thinking about Reiner. Reiner would never say “But I have read”. I go outside with my cigarette without saying a word.

And guess what? I am still doomed to speak with anti-smoker after I come in.