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Two months ago I had agreed to participate in some experimental coaching session. HR is organising the pilot phase with volunteers to see how it goes. I must have been in some Dalai Lama mood, when I accepted the meeting invitation and now is time to pay the price.

I am meeting with the psychologist, Bernie, she is a witch like Margareth, that I can see right away. All psychologists must be witches. To be on the safe side I have prepared a little story about my relationships with Billy, some innocent problems and sinless conflicts we have in the office. This, I hope will take our 90 minutes and then she will leave me in peace.

However, when I open my mouth, the first thing she says is: “You are very committed to you job”. Oh, really? I ask. I don’t think I am committed, I say. Oh yes, you are, you are, she says, I can see it immediately. I want to speak about Billy and our imaginary conflicts, but I see/ that she sees/ that I see that all my pre-prepared story is just a castle in the sky that at this very moment is being blown away by an invisible wind.